May 26, 2017


Please use the links below to download the various Forms.

Adobe Reader is needed to download these pdf files.

Abandoned Vehicle Form – Request for verification of ownership: vehicle found abandoned, immobile, or unattended                

Affidavit – Affidavit (General – i.e. Name change or correction)

Affidavit of Inheritance – Affidavit of Inheritance form

Affidavit of Low Speed Vehicle  – Affidavit of Low Speed Vehicles

Affidavit of Medium Speed Vehicle – Affidavit of Medium Speed Vehicles

Application for Disabled Person License Plate/Placard and Reference Material Disabled Person License Plate/Placard – Application for Disabled Person License Plate and/or Placard

Application for Duplicate License Plate/Replacement Plate or Decal – Application for Replacement Decal and/or Plate

Application for Noting of Lien on Certificate of Title – Application for Noting of Lien on Certificate of Title

Application for a Refund – Application to receive a refund 

Application for Tennessee Personalized Plates – Application for Personalized Plates

Application for Tennessee Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate – Application for Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate.

Bill of Sale for Auto – Bill of sale for auto purchase amount

Bill of Sale for Boat – Bill of sale for boat purchase amount

Business Tax Application– Business Tax Application for New Business

Business Tax Renewal – Business Tax Renewal Form

Certification for Antique Registration – Antique Registration

Certification for Duplicate Certificate of Title – Duplicate Certificate of Title

Certification of Ownership -Certification of Ownership

Certification of Sales Under Special Conditions – Special conditions sales form

Discharge of LienUse when vehicle has been paid off

Gift of Vehicles and/ or Boats – Use when family member/friend gives you a vehicle/boat, or sells it to you at a low price

Government Service Plate Application – Use to apply for Government Service Plates    

Handicap Parking Application – Use to apply for a plate or placard

Marriage License Affidavit for Applicant Incarcerated – Use this affidavit when on of the applicants are incarcerated 

Marriage License Affidavit for Applicant Parent, Guardian, or Next of Kin – Use this affidavit when applicant is between 16 and 18 years. 

Lost Title – Use when car titles have been lost

Noting of Lien – Use when money is owed on vehicle

Power of Attorney – Power of Attorney application

Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions – Power of Attorney application for a vehicle transaction

Premarital Counseling – Use when Bride and Groom have completed premarital counseling

Title Only Verification – IRP Registration – To obtain a “title only” from Hamblen County to enable you to register your vehicle through the International Registration Plan