Business Tax

In Hamblen County, most businesses must obtain a business license and report their gross receipts to the County Clerk on a yearly basis. The exceptions are: businesses that pay the Professional Privilege Tax, businesses that manufacture products for the disabled, or businesses that gross less than $3,000.00 annually. After the first 30 days of operation, a new business has an additional 30 days to obtain a license.

Businesses grossing more than $10,000 annually that are not exempt must obtain a Standard Business License. The fee for a standard business license is $15.00. Applications can be completed in the County Clerk's office or by mail.

Businesses that gross more than $3,000 but less than $10,000 annually must obtain a Minimal Activity Business License. The fee for a minimal activity business license is $15.00. Applications can be completed in the County Clerk’s office or by mail.

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To receive an application, please go to the forms link. The completed application and $15.00 fee can be returned by mail to:

Penny Petty, Hamblen County Clerk
511 West Second North Street
Morristown, TN 37814


Note: When a business closes or transfers ownership, the owner must close out that business license with the County Clerk's office, and any outstanding taxes must be paid in full. If this step has not been completed, the new owner can be liable for the outstanding taxes that were incurred by the previous owner.

Your business must be a smoke free environment unless exempt (TCA 39-17-1806B)

Businesses that need a Sales Tax Number may contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue at 865-594-6101. The office is located on Henley Street in Knoxville.